Media Markt tries Luckycycle in-store

Media Markt has tested out new interactive kiosks in its stores, offering customers the chance to win their purchases for free. The electronics retailer, which has over 750 stores in 14 countries, has partnered with UK startup Luckycycle to initially install kiosks in 24 stores in Belgium. The two week campaign ran across all entertainment products. After making payment, customers could take their receipt over to a kiosk for a chance to win their purchase. Shoppers played on embedded iPads using the Luckycycle technology. They also signed up to Media Markt’s loyalty programme, with more than 400 people taking their items home for free.

“One of our core aims is to ensure customers have a fun experience when they shop with us,” says Christophe Bernard, CRM and research manager at Media Markt. “Luckycycle is something we can integrate into this strategy because it’s based on chance and brings a lot of pleasure. We originally used the promotional method online, which worked well, and that’s when we decided to run it in our physical stores.”

The retailer, the first to use Luckycycle’s technology in-store, plans to extend the promotion to other departments. A video showing its campaign can be found here.

Published on Tuesday 24th November 2015 by Scott Thompson at Retail Systems. 'First choice for technology purchasers in multichannel retail'.

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