E-commerce integration drives purchase by offering shoppers the chance to win their whole basket for free

Clinique partnered with digital software company Luckycycle to boost online traffic and engagement in its e-shop with a sales campaign that offers randomly-selected customers their whole basket for free.

As customers browse the site they are informed that there is a one in ten chance that they will receive their entire shop for free. Then, after the customer has input their payment details at the checkout a slot machine appears on screen. If all three icons on the slot machine match, they receive their entire basket for free. If they have won, their products will be sent to them without charge. However, if they have not won they will be charged as normal.

“For premium brands selling online, Luckycycle is a new way to do promotion without discounting on price, thus preserving their brand equity while rewarding their loyal shoppers,” Nicolas Coppée, sales director at Luckycycle, told GDR.

Luckycycle’s integration for brands leverages the appeal of gamification without applying direct price discounts to products. Where customers benefit from the motivation of uncertain rewards, retailers can observe and configure campaigns through a dashboard with the option to change the parameters of randomness and target customer segments so that more loyal shoppers can receive better odds.

“Luckycycle provides an engaging online experience embedded with incentive rewards, all without touching prices,” added Coppée. “In this way the customers are compensated for their loyalty and the brand keeps the customers’ perceptions undamaged. We believe that Luckycycle is the perfect loyalty and retention strategy for premium customers.”

For Clinique’s own campaign, the cosmetics brand earned more than a 200% sales increase, a 15.7% conversion rate and an average basket size increase of 22%. Luckycycle has also worked on campaigns for Media Markt, Eckman and Mobistar.

Published 2015 by GDR Creative Intelligence

eCommerce integration drives purchase


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