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conversion with gamified checkout
Add an element of fun for every online shopper in a few seconds.

How it works

Based on behavioral and contextual triggers a website visitor can be triggered by the LuckyCycle campaign

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Get lucky - Play & Win

You get a chance to play and win your purchase for free (eg. a 1 in 10 chance). You know immediately if you win!

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"We look forward to expanding our use of the Luckycycle promotion platform further into Europe."

Alexandra Bor, Corporate e-Business Manager at Estée Lauder Companies Benelux

"We chose to use Luckycycle again after knowing we could trust and rely on them after last year’s successful campaign."

Fiona Dillon, eCommerce and Social Media Manager at Latest in Beauty

"We soon expect to be running Luckycycle campaigns in 6 different countries across Europe."

Matthieu Rubin, Chef de Projet Webmarketing at Mister Auto

"Luckycycle's technology allows us to target our audience in a fresh way - not only encouraging sales, but increasing interaction via social media. "

Lisa Jermy, Marketing Manager UK and Ireland at Samsonite

"We’ve seen an extremely positive reaction within the first weeks of the campaign – extending it long term is logistically viable and beneficial to our offering. "

Glyn Cawkwell, Swimshop

"We originally used the promotional method online, which worked well, and that’s when we decided to run it in our physical stores."

Christophe Bernard, CRM and Research Manager at Media Markt

"Luckycycle helped us increase our sales in volume and in revenue. We've already identified opportunities to launch additional campaigns, this is an exciting promotion for our customers."

Stéphanie Dewulf, Head of Digital, Vente Exclusives (Vente Privées)

"Luckycycle is one of the most promising initiatives in the digital promotion space today and will bring great value for our customers."

Our Offering

All the features you need in a single platform


Luckycycle helps you reach your digital marketing objectives and target KPI's

+ 30%

Click Through Rate

+ 15%

Conversion Rate

+ 25%

Average Basket Size

x 10

Social Media Activation

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"Les consommateurs sont encouragés, en cas de gain, à le partager sur Facebook ou Twitter."

"It’s a fact that consumers need to be rewarded for their custom. Value exchange is at the heart of retail when it comes to loyalty."

"We originally used the promotional method online, which worked well, and that’s when we decided to run it in our physical stores."



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